Carlito Johan - Vlog

It seems that I have not been posting as frequently as I planned because I may have slipped to become a little lethargic for it. Never the less I am posting now. I'm sorry but I never thought I'd grow sluggish at posting but I am trying. Yes, I've decided to to add a Video Blog, I believe it is appropriate for the occasion. Carlito Johan is a really close friend of mine and I just figured it would be a fastidious thought to include him in my blog hunting section. He is an artist who has just started sprouting out of his bud, becoming famous in the world of Youtube. Despite the fact that his music is more of rap and rnb and less slow and mellow which I would much prefer, He has the voice, he's got a whole lot more potential to grow musically than I would and I am very proud of him and his "boys"...i guess. I do believe that MANY (and I cannot emphasize that enough) girls (locally!) fall at his feet and praise him for what may seem to be his "good looks" but I'm not one of those girls thankfully, I'd rather congratulate than praise him for his successful journey in being a great musician.
I recommend for viewers to take time to watching his videos.


emily joy said...

Oh hey that guy added me on Facebook.... and I believe I ended up deleting him when deleting randoms ^^" Whoopsies!

Blue Iris Rivera said...

doesn't matter. you don't know him lol

Brenda Nepomuceno said...

That song is kinda amazing. I never thought I'd like the original version on the first place, as it so not my usual music style... But then I listened to it because Hayley Williams was featured and I kinda really liked it. Then when I saw Carlito's video I thought I wouldn't like it either... But guess what? I liked! ;)
Oh, and did I tell you that I finally decided to create a blog in English?