Cloudy Day, Not So Good Pictures....hmmm

Don't I just look awkward? Haha, this is just an attempt to get my blog posts up and running just so that I could at least be updating daily as a habit. These aren't as great as my last blog because one; the weather was cold and cloudy so there was less sun, two; the setting wasn't that great...it was waay too cold to walk to the other place with a pleasant scenery of a farmland. I've posted up less photos that whatI was aiming for which was 6! I am using the same camera and the same setting..and I tried the cloudy setting...worse then ever. I guess I've learned never to take photos in this weather condition ever again.

Shoes:Doc Martens//Stockings:Target//Floral Dress:Maximum//Shirt:Supre//Scarf:Six//Cardigan:Thrifted//Necklace:Ebay Online//Belt:Hand-me-down

Inkarri has reminded me that school holidays are fast approaching. I'm so excited for this means that we'll be driving around, exploring for great places to take photos. As so as holidays arrive, Inkarri will be included in My Wardrobe posts because we're partners in this so-called "crime". Holidays is all about Tim Burton, Blog photos, Thrifting, Going to Brunswick/Collingwood and doing all those sorts of stuf...with Inkarri of course. It'll be another holiday to remember.

During these adventures I am sure to be bringing Father's camera which is Canon SLR (the one I have using), Inkarri's Panasonic which is in surprisingly great condition with high megapixels and of course my darling Diana F+ which I have been determined to use on special occasions as not to waste precious film. Mmm, my first set of pictures got lost in the mail...guess that roll is gone for good.

Holidays ftw!


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics..love it!!!!

emily joy said...

miss blue, we should go opshopping together one day hey ;)
which ones do you go to?

Blue Iris Rivera said...

oooh that would defs be a great idea! the holidays are a good time to do it i reckon :). perfect timing as it's drawing near...i go to the salvos often only coz it's the closest. which ones do you go to?

ChocoDisco said...

i love your skirt, it's so cute =)