A+ Once Again For My English SAC! Acing Life...

Rocked up to school late this morning, to 2nd period because I was too busy studying for my psychology SAC which I had not done yet. It's so difficult and confusing defining each word and their meanings. But the SAC turned out to be easy as pie with 18 questions and no multiple-choice. There was one question which I failed to answer but I wrote something I know is completely different down. The SAC was meant to go on for an hourr but it only lasted me half an hour AND I had read over my answers for any flaws. After that, the rest of the psych lesson was used up studying for the exam...or for me, talking to my friend Molly.

Headed straight to my english class to find that our teacher was getting the projector ready for us to watch a movie on which I believed we deserved as we worked well for our "Cruciable" SAC. I got an A+ once again and I am very proud of my mark, though I was encouraged to use more explicit? language in my authorial intent. I aslo owned me previous "Edgar Allan Poe" SAC which I absolutely enjoyed doing. I love Poe and he is such an inspiration to many with his stories filled with intensifying horror.

The rest of Literature was spent laughing at the resemblence of a sellow class-mate and Merlin the Locksmith from Camalot! It was hilarious and everytime I go to Literature class I will probably be reminded automatically and ball my eyes out crying of the painful laughter it brings.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Blue you have to tell him so he doesn't think we were laughing at him to be mean! When roche said what she said I felt so bad! :(

.. Its Molly Btw ;)

Blue Iris Rivera said...

but i reckon he only heard the merlin part because one; i was mispronounced his name waaay too much and two; because i said it quietly and only said his name twice