Still In The Process

I know my blog has not been finished yet but it's hard not to get caught doing something on the computer that's not exactly homework. This study room is located just behind the garage and it has sliding doors but my parents always thought that closing them is a sly thing to do so I must keep it open. There are often people walking up and down in the hallway so I find it difficult to keep swaping windows or tabs because I end up forgetting what I was up to in the process. For inspirations that look nothing like mine I went on Delightfully Tacky's blog and I liked her 3 columns. Her head is totally ful of gorgeous red/orange wavy hair and I envy that. I checked out Calivintage and it's just nice and simple and same with The Clothes Horse. I'm still learning the basics of blogging and hopefully I can come to an understanding with terms of banner and ad making for the clothes site that I often visit.

I will not be attending Church tomorrow morning because I have to hardcore study to ace my psychology exam which is next Wednesday for the whole? of Australia or Victoria. But maybe I can make time to take pictures of what I fell in love with whilst thrifting at my local Salvos. Hopefully I could post it and that would be the start of my own fashion blog :). But for now I do need to study for the brain &nervous system, visual perception, states of consciousness and sleep. Mmmm study...

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