There's no place like home


Being the near end of the financial year, sales are astounding! Mother and I were roaming around the shopping centre to spend some of our qualitiy time with eachother, as we do. I'm broke, I'm unemployed and I'm desperate for money. Window shopping is what my Mother and I do best on these occasions, though she's reigned from her work and she's also on annual leave which means she's receiving payment without working and a horde of money is flowing in her bank which she's spending on herself and my Father. We walked past Wittner and I love the shoes they have in there, although I've never actually owned a pair because the worth of the shoes aren't exactly on our family budget. But by jove I was looking around in the sales and found these gorgeous glistening Comme shoes which were once $140, the price had been dropped to $40 and so Mother decided to buy me these fascinating shoes on which I have no idea what to wear with them. They sparkle like dorothy's but they're not ruby and I have been told numerous times that they look like Micheal Jackson's performing shoes. That's a plus. I absolutely adore them and today, when Mother and I go Opp-Shopping, hopefully I can stumble upon a suitable outfit for it.


emily joy said...

I wanna steal your shoes Blue.
not. kidding. *____*

Anonymous said...

i want to steal them too!!

jeric said...

where it to my 18th lol

Blue Iris Rivera said...

jeric, i'm wearing heels to your 18th. oh and i figured out a song