My Cherry Magazine

Meet Nicole.
She is the proud ownver of the online magazine blog, Nicolethen. I hadn't the the time to be spontaneous in looking for blogs randomly by google, instead I snooped around on The Clothes Horse which I had made sure that Nicole's blog would not go unnoticed. She is a vintage fashionista and her photography is one to envy. Though I'm not really into photography much but check out the quality it brings! I like her fashion though she doesn't tell much about where she gets them from which is a slight downer but I guess that's what makes her blog a bit more unique than others. She brings out the glory and beauty of photos captured "in the moment" and the delicious food which I am so eager to taste. She is less of a writer, photography is more her chic as her blog is filled with exciting pictures and vibrant colours that make you want to look at more.

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