Day 2 of LMFF

It's been a surely eventful day today. I woke up quite early in the morning to get ready for my early class as usual but I had to pack a few things in my bag that i didn't realise for the rest of the day that I may not have needed. But I survived. I had history and chilled with some friends before class and during our break. Usually they use it as a smoke break which I'm not too fond of as the stench always stains my hair somehow. But they're nice people and quite hilarious in many aspects. Names aren't necessary right now just because I have no idea how they'll react if they find out that I'm posting about them. But pictures seem to always speak louder than words so here's my islander friend who has an amazing voice playing and singing on his guitar at 8 in the morning.
Once my class finished, our small little group had slowly congregated around Coles at Clarendon but we were too small for anyone to think we can cause trouble. Sadly, I left but it was for a good reason. Meeting up with Sim at the train station. I kinda had about an hour to kill so I decided to walk extremely slow and I got there just in time. Tram was unnecessary. We made our way to Docklands (no doubt we had some trouble getting there) and visited where the Runways are located for this week. We got a peep into the model's Powder room. It was so exciting. I couldn't pull out my camera as we were careful not to look so suss in any way. We walked along the Pier and looked through a couple of doors. We saw models practicing their walk for the night and it got us really excited. I can't begin to decipher exactly how i was feeling and distinguishing how I wanted to feel as to what I should really feel but anyway it was still awesome. After that, we ate and did a little bit of window shopping, well I actually did some shopping myself oh dear. I finally found the perfect rucksack backpack for myself and it was from Typo and I don't usually spend that much money on just one item but it was around the same price on Urban Outfitters or any other website of the sort. Soon after, we took a tram to Flinders and found ourselves looking into a vintage store called Retrostar and it was seriously the best type of haven that you'd think you'd need.
Then we managed to have a drink and sit down, relax Sim's feet as she was wearing these gorgeous beige coloured wedges. And when we finished with our water, we headed up Flinders lane and got an 'alright' view of LMFF's Sideshow by Forever New. I noticed a certain amount of fur, gloves are still in, and they've re-introduced capes once again but I've already figured that out since we are slightly behind in fashion. My eyes always seem to wander to those fashionistas online which a vast majority of, come from America. I had chosen not to take pictures as we weren't exactly that close to the runway and the heads of many would capture your attention more than the models. All in all, it was awesome and I can't wait for the week ahead.

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