Today was probably the first day that I had to independently travel to Uni by myself. I wasn't scared but the company was slightly uncomfortable. I was either with my mum or with Jay when travelling so having to sit next to someone who I didn't know, and become so inevitably close to them as the carriage became so over-populated, was an 'odd' experience. Never the less, you do get to see interesting individuals during the train ride and it's fun to guess what sort of person someone you don't know is. But anyways my biggest fear was arriving late so i had left my house early. Too early in fact so that when I arrived at Sunshine, I had 45 minutes to roam around the small St. Vinnies near the bus shelters. Here's to my quirky finds for the day. Oh and pardon me for the very poor lighting.

1. The cute oversized cardigan is illustrated with cute penguins outside on a snowy day. It's warm and comfortable and I found it just in time for winter.
2. This medium-large, droop, floral shirt/gown is very lightweight and I love the pattern. I just need to tweak it and modify the shoulders as was predicted before the purchase of this item.

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