Doh Ray And Mi ...

Just finished one of my favourite classes today. Music theory. So at the moment i'm recovering from the mind-blowing repetition of the Sohla's that our teacher is forcing us to drill straight to the core of our brains. I find it somewhat amusing to see a majority of students participate in a class ensemble, randomly created by the teacher. 
Since today is a little bit wet outside and a fair bit chilly also, I had to quickly put together an outfit that seems to look quite casual today. I was really hoping to  find something to coordinate with my red jacket and so darker shades seemed safer and quicker to make something with. Originally I was going to stick with just the jacket and the dress but my neck was feeling a little bit bare for the weather and I nonchalantly grabbed my mustard coloured scarf as first resort. Turns out my outfit is very striking and you could probably notice who I was from a fair distance away. Taking outfit pictures just after the rain didn't seem much of a good idea so I stayed inside the backyard where shelter was of close aid. This just meant that my dogs were roaming around whilst I was posing. Ruskii says hi. But only to me because she hates cameras. She gets frightened just by the sight of my phone so you could only imagine what goes through her head when she sees a Canon EOS with massive gadgets that my dad set up with it.
Shoes:London Rebel//Stockings:Target//Dress:Glassons//Jacket:Target//Scarf:Six Accessories//Frames:Ebay//Dog:MINE!
Oh and if you haven't realised, i've straightened my hair. I haven't done that in a fairly long time. I just can't be bothered wit the effort of doing it hence why my hair is usually tied up. But i wont be straightening it often. My layers aren't even which is why I feel extremely uncomfortable with straight hair at the moment
Since I'm still here, I'm going to be searching on 50's music for my History class.

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Linda said...

Very nice outfit, love the glasses as well! Thank you for contacting us via IFB.