The Crash And Burn

Are the words 'mayhem' and 'hectic' similar to each other? Because somehow that's how I felt last night was for me. But anyways, I am quite happy to say that today was a steady day. I got to wake up late, took time to take some photos and get dressed and I didn't seem to dread cleaning my room either. It feels weird that I've got to wake up early tomorrow to catch public transport back to school in the morning for a 2 hour class.
 My best friend, Jeric had come over just after I finished getting ready and what-not and chilling for half the day was really cool. We got to catch up on each other, our goals, pet peeves and of course as close friends do, caught up on a little bit of gossip there. Guilty. It was awesome though. Plans about Moomba changed so instantly last night but I enjoyed myself either way.
If you didn't know, today's actually the first day of Fashion Week in Melbourne and I'm absolutely stoked about the Frankie Magazine Runway show that I could just afford for my Simone and I. It's not a long way until we have a taste of foreign textures, patterns and the styles that will be introduced to us. Did I mention that somehow we managed to be seated in row A? This suddenly makes me feel important as reserved seats await for us to be served with drinks, nibbles and high quality views of everything. We are so lucky and blessed to be going. This is like meeting your most favourite inspirations. I like that feeling.
Shoes:Rubi//Sleeves:Valley Girl//Dress:Supre//Belt:Thrifted//Necklace:Valley Girl//Ring:Equip//Bag: Laura Jones
Today I felt like basic so grey and black made the cut. And i hadn't worn these shoes in a while either.

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