I haven't yet introduced you to the JMC crew that I'm with on a daily basis. The pictures I'm about to show you are taken from my Mac just because I always take it with me to school. They are really interesting people and their characteristics blow my mind away individually. They're very talented, so for the future we all know that musically, we're not doomed. These faces are far more familiar to me now but you have so much more to journey me with. These aren't the only people I get to work with so hopefully I'll get to introduce them to you throughout the year ahead. 

I still can't get over the fact that this year, all I may need to worry about [not that it worries me or anything] is music and no other subject. I'm loving how I don't need to cram things up anymore. It feels really good to know that I'm actually doing something that I love and not dreading it from the moment that I step into the classroom. 

By the way, on the 6th I'm planning to book an appointment with my best friend in the Style Me Studios run by Sportsgirl. It's free and hopefully I'll get to share with you the things I'll be taking home.

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