I'm much too tired to explain how this day has been. It's been exciting, annoying and boring. I had travelled so early in the morning to get to school to find out what time my lesson was and it turned out that I have vocal lessons at 1pm, therefore, I didn't need to wake up at 6:00 in the morning just to be there in time for 9:00. This first week is already much too confusing. we have 3 different timetables and the school hadn't put all our subjects in just one timetable. No doubt that leaves me to make my own. So pretty much I had a vocal lesson and a band rehearsal today and most of the time leading up to my lesson, I just chilled with a couple of sick as new friends. I really like them and they seem to like me so we just get along really well. You can really tell that Australia is surely a small country because we all seemed to be connected to each other somehow. 

I have one class tomorrow which is Music technology and then I get to go home early but I have planned to go home with the Boy since he has placement in the city and we're quite close. We just have a 2 hour difference to when we finish but I really don't mind checking out that Salvos store I saw on Clarendon.

I thought I had a day off on Wednesday but because our class had grown over the holidays, they had to redo our timetables and separate our rehearsals to different days. But at least I don't have to worry about waking up early. In fact, I wouldn't mind enduring the long morning sleeping in my bed. I don't even think I need to worry about transport until 1:00pm. So rehearsals are good for the day.

I don't really remember what my Thursdays are like but I do think that I'll be there till 5:00 once again with two classes starting at 1:00 or 2:00.

As for Friday I have no clue when my Stagecraft class is, nor does anybody else in my class.

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