Finders Keepers Market

The boy and I had made plans to visit the Finder Keepers Market in Melbourne today where Victorian designers and/or vintage finders get together to sell their best-selling items that they either sell on Etsy or they're own personal websites, sponsored by their blogs. This event usually happens annually but I have a couple of reasons to believe that there will be another market held at the same place towards the end of the year. It was a very pleasant location where yachts and billion-dollar boats are set, so pretty much at a harbour.
So I figured that I really need to bring a spare pair of flats with me when wearing heels in the city. It does get tiring and my feet start to feel the piercing throb on the balls of my feet. I was trying to get as many pictures as I could of the place and stalls of my favourite designers but 1. My battery died halfway through our tour of the shed and 2. Ink was pretty anal about being rude by not asking the owners if I could take pictures (but others just seemed to do it without asking). So I only got a few. I noticed that people like Calico and almost each stall that we walked by had either used Calico for their presentation, or it was the printed fabric which they were actually selling.
We saw some pretty creative things and I am so unlucky for being unprepared for this. There was so many things that i was meaning to get my hands on and personally own, but my wallet seemed to be damned and awfully lonely.
But it was a good day and hopefully we can make it to the next one.


Veronica said...

Thank you for contacting us via IFB. So many pretty yachts, wish I could buy them all. Love your blog!

Memoir Mode said...

What a lovely little place, I love photography, so it is nice when bloggers include their own photographs x