Korhan Savas Interview

For a guy, he's cute and extremely sassy. He has a handful of modish hair and just he's as fashionable as a la mode. Some, may disagree but I like the quirky demeanour he displays. His name is Korhan and he's an acquaintance of mine so it's a blithe for me to share with you some of his flamboyant characteristics. He's quite unique and so I asked him my same questions and he hadn't the need to elaborate on them. He's straight forward and he knows his stuff especially when he's creative enough to create a few solitary outfits. I really admire his take of being "outside-the-box" with mens fashion.
At the age of 5, what did you want to become?
At the age of 5 I wanted to be a princess.

Who's your favourite fashion icon and why?
My fav fashion icon ATM would have to be lady gaga because she is very deering with whatever she wears.

Your top 5 fashion tips?
1: flaunt your best bits. top to bottom!
2: your hair matters with whatever you wear.
3: sunnies arnt just for day wear.
4: stepping out of the comfort zone is always eye catching. 
5: be a freak bitch, baby

Describe your crib.
It's a master peice. 

If you were to invent anything, what would it be?
A time machine to the 80s!
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