Tiny Home Business For TLQ?

I've been keeping a surprise which will massively contribute to The Little Quirks. It's taken a couple of months to get through planning and being financially stable, whilst working around my hours and time to study for my course. but i think that you deserve to know that secretly, I have been trying to manage a small Vintage Boutique at home and going opp-shopping for special items that are worthy to be altered and modified to make a fitting that suits you. Along the way, I've found great places to thrift and whilst listening to music that I need to memorize for my band, I've been altering many garmets to assist me with my online shop. Before I finally launch the official onlne shop, I'm still quite unsure with names. What do you any of you think of The Little Quirks Boutique, The Little Quirks Vintage, The Little Quiks Shop, Shop The Little Quirks or TLQ Vintique? Give me ideas anyone. I have many inspirational online stores that I often visit such as:
Edie Vintage found on Ebay Australia
LA Vintage found on a website [unavailable at the moment]
Twitch Vintage found on Ebay

Clever Nettle found on etsy
and Vintage Marketplace found on Facebook

The best thing about these shops is that they are found anywhere on the internet. So hopefully by the end of April I can officially launch the shop with a site and everything else. I'm very excited and I intend to keep updating you with all of this.
Also, i've been getting emails asking about my music course and that i should put a video up of me singing. Maybe I will for my readers or followers on Tumblr.

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