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I am very honoured and very privileged to have interviewed Rebecca from The Clothes Horse this week. Not wanting to bother the 'classically romantic' woman and straying her away from her daily routines and such, I asked if she could just answer a few questions for me and she ever so politely accepted. She has become one of my favourite bloggers and I have to say, probably the reason why I started blogging. Her style is just so classy and I envy how photogenic she is.
At the age of 5, what did you want to become?

At 5 I probably wanted to be an artist. I was quite obsessed with everything crafty and got in trouble in preschool and kindergarten for not rotating stations, but just stayed in the artist corner all day long.

Who's your favourite fashion icon and why?
I don't have one favorite fashion icon because I like different people for different things and also admire characters in books or movies as much as living, breathing women. I love Sofia Coppola's easy, classic fashion and her sense of style that is reflected in the direction and mood of her movies. I also love Anna Dello Russo because she wears runway pieces without watering them down, but really embraces the dream of what fashion can be. I'm also very fond of Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde.

Your top 5 fashion tips?
I don't think I have 5 tips; I'm rather against the idea of fashion rules and my biggest advice is just to wear pieces that make you feel confident. You have to get dressed anyway, so you might as well dress yourself in pieces you love and that might help you stand a little taller.

Describe your crib.
Right now, I'm living with my parents in a large old house on a military base; our home is located inside the base's moat. It has a lovely large porch which is wonderful in spring and summer, inside the walls are all white (military housing=we're not allowed to paint!) and there are high ceilings, covered in tin on the first floor. There are four fireplaces, but only one is functioning and the house is full of charm like that; two staircases and lovely wooden floors. It's really nice and spacious and by this fall I'll probably be living alone in a tiny apartment the size of a closet or something! :)

If you were to invent anything, what would it be?
Haha, I don't know! A teleportation machine? It would be marvelous to travel all around the world quickly and cheaply (as the inventor, I would certainly be allowed to use it for free). There are a number of friends I'd love to pop-in on for just an evening.

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Thanks so much Rebecca! You are so lovely!

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