Someone Like You

I like Adele. Just saying.
It was such a relief to be able to sleep in this morning since I came home quite late due to Ink's cheerleader's tryouts and the time had been extended slightly. I must say that out of all the cheerleader's who have been 'cheering' the longest, weren't that great at stunts and tumbling as those members of Ink's gymnastics. They were all seriously owning the floor. Especially his foreign friend who is pro and just plain awesome. Plus I had a late class which is why I was allowed to visit Ink in Prahan. 3 damn tram rides! But it was nice riding alongside of St. Kilda at night.
But anyways, the boy and I took a trip to the city together for his placement and my uni class and as tradition, we ate lunch at Nandos which was just as great as every other time that we have it. I walked my way to Spencer and it suddenly got warmer but feeling the burn and sweat made it worth it for a while. It turned out that the class that I was to show up to was cancelled so that pretty much means that I travelled and wasted MYKI money... terrible but oh well.
Shoes:London Rebel//Dress:Dotti(thrifted)//Cardigan:Dotti//Bag:Thrifted//Scarf://Six Accessories//Ring:(from the boy)//Necklace:Customized dogtags (from the boy)

Oh see my scarf?? It's mustard!!! I absolutely love it and the colour is so bright and pretty that I felt like wearing it yesterday and today. It was the last style and colour on the rack and i had to get it. i spent $40 on clothes the other day and as a positive result I came home with 3 basic maxi's, a scarf and a warm cropped-knit cardigan. It was a bit of a load to carry walking home but I didn't mind. I'll put up a post tomorrow on a maxi.

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